Cups and Trophies

Here is a run down of the Club’s cups and trophies and how you go about getting them. They are awarded for having the most points gained in each category, not necessarily being the best or fastest. Graeme Penhey received the Over-all Cup in his second year with the Club, by being everywhere and amassing points. In his seventh year with the Club, he still hadn’t won an event outright, yet he had won a lot of club cups in this time. There are a few basic requirements however:


Firstly, to qualify, you must enter an event as a Harbour Capital Car Club member. This is important as we accept the results of other clubs’ events for our point’s table. This is rare, I don’t know of another club that does this, as most clubs only use their own meetings to decide who wins things.

Secondly you need 12 qualifying points (also called organizing points) to be eligible for most of our Cups and Trophies. This requirement is intended to maintain a level of involvement in the Club beyond just paying for a membership and racing. You qualify by helping at events or doing things for the club, like serving on the committee, or writing newsletter articles. Qualifying points are not counted in your points total for most cups, but without at least 12 qualifying points, you don’t get to have a points total that counts!

Qualifying points can be gained in many ways: Organise an event outright and you’ll receive 12 points, enough in one go to be eligible for the trophies. You can of course build them up a little slower, by being a major official at a meeting, for example; ‘clerk of course’, ‘event secretary’, ‘safety officer’ etc. These are good for 8 points, as the amount of involvement isn’t quite as high as organising an event, but still requires a certain level of commitment before, during and/or after the event. Then there are jobs like holding stopwatches, waving flags, crowd control, doing/sending results etc, all worth 4 points. Helping isn’t quite like competing though. We don’t give points for helping at other clubs’ events, unless that club has made a formal request. (In writing, normally printed in ‘Wheelspin’, or at least highly publicized within the club so that everyone has a chance.) Writing an article for ‘Wheelspin’ will also get you 4 points per article.


Next you get out there and compete. Once you have finished and been given/sent results to the meeting you need to ensure that the Club Captain is aware of your efforts. If they were printed in ‘Wheelspin’, then He/She has probably already given you points for it, but it doesn’t hurt to check, this can now be done on the club website or with a phone call. If it was an out of town meeting, something like a hill climb in Wanganui or race meeting at Taupo then definitely contact the club captain/ points keeper as they will need to see the results. If you were a helper at a meeting you will probably not feature in the results. If you have helped out at an event you should contact the Club Captain and make sure that you have been given your points.

The number of points gained depends on how well you did while competing. 1st place=12 points, 2nd place=10, 3rd place=9, 4th place=8, 5th place=7 and so on down to 9th place for 3 points. Every competitor 10th or more receives 2 points. In some events the points will be given based on the results in class, (most speed events), while others are for overall results.


The “All-Rounder’s” Trophy. – In Honour of Graeme Penhey.

This cup is awarded to the competitor who gains the most points combined from all involvement with the club (including qualification/organiser points). This rewards the club member who contributes most to all aspects of the club. Presented to the club by Mike Penhey/ Penhey family.

The “Over-all” Cup.

This cup is awarded to the competitor who gains the most points combined from all the different sections of competing. As this cup is a driver’s cup, qualifying points are required to be eligible for it, but do not count towards the total number of points gained.

 The “‘Speed-” Trophy.

Speed means just that, points gain in speed events. Races, Rallies, Hill-climbs, sprints and autocrosses are the mainstay of the speed cup.

 The “Motorkhana”‘ Trophy.

No prizes for guessing what this ones about, however it’s usually one of the most hard fought’ cups to win, so if your name’s on the side you can feel very smug indeed.

The “Trials” Cup.

Teams of two or more in one car leave a set location at specific time intervals and follow a route laid out by the organiser. The object is to cover the route without getting lost and in the correct amount of time. Total distance covered multiplied by the organiser’s set speed (usually very low, 30 – 40 km/h) = the correct time it should take. Emphasis is on navigation not speed.

The “Organiser’s”‘ Trophy.

So many people help make our events run, and this cup is for them. This cup is awarded by gaining qualification/organiser points though the year.

The “Rally Drivers” Cup.

Speaks for itself. Any rally, anywhere in the country/world as long as you enter as a HCCC member. Points also count towards the ‘Speed’ trophy.

The “Rally Co-Drivers” Trophy.

Any rally, anywhere in the country/world as long as you enter as a HCCC member. Presented to the club by Len Fisher (the Flying Fish)

The “Ladies Cup’

For the female club member with the most points overall, this includes qualifying/organising points, what more can I say.

The “Student”-Cup.

This cup is awarded to members who are full time students only; sorry night classes don’t count. It is also one of the few cups which you don’t require qualifying points for, however if you have qualifying/organising points they are counted in the total points gained towards this cup. In the past this cup has been won by juniors based entirely on qualifying/organising points, and by Uni students on competing points.

The “Novice” Cup.

Novice is perhaps a misleading word when used in relation to this cup. All new members to HCCC are eligible for this cup in their first full year of membership. So if you joined half way through the year, you are still eligible for it next year, your first full year. However you can only win it once, so if you manage to win it in that half year you can’t in the following year. This is the other cup that qualifying/organising points are not required for, but again if you have them they count towards your total.

The “‘Presidents”‘ Cup.

Awarded by the President, to a club member who the President feels has made an outstanding contribution to the club during the year.

Again I must remind you to PROVIDE RESULTS and EVIDENCE if you want to score points for competing or helping. It’s too late to realize at prize giving that someone else is getting your cup, when the time to call is now. Send all results to either Webster Gough (Club captain) or Len Fisher (Newsletter editor).