Harbour Capital Car Club


Where we drive whatever we own (no matter how humble), as fast as we possibly can. We are a strongly Clubsport level competition based club, with some members venturing as high as National Championship Rallying. We’re not all about who wins, it is much more important that we have a lot of fun on the way. A very social car club, our monthly meetings are a good opportunity to catch up over a pizza, and tell lies about how fast we could have been at that last event if only we’d just held it all together on the last run. Sometimes we even have events that are nothing to do with cars, such as movie nights, or a Christmas BBQ. HCCC does hold several of the local area inter-club trophies, in areas as diverse as Autocross, Motorkhana’s, and Navigational Trials. We welcome people of any age, who share the spirit of fun, and an enthusiasm for a good days competition, where whoever has the biggest smile is the real winner on the day  

HCCC regularly runs events in the greater Wellington region that cater for many different levels of motorsport for all ages. Whether you are dedicated to the track, or have more fun on the gravel & grass, there are opportunities for you to compete (or support!) in many events throughout the year.

Our Facebook Group is active and has information about events we are holding

Autocross at Slipway